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Tuesday, 09 February 2016 22:48

County Relay Medalists

Tuesday, 09 February 2016 22:25

County Relay Medalists

Well done to all our swimmers who competed in the County relays last weekend at Mansfield.  There was a great team spirit among the squad and the noise and atmosphere of this exciting competition really brought out the best in our swimmers.  Our younger age groups had their first taste of county competition and it didn't phase them at all - great swims from Blaine Clarke, Ben Curson, Cameron Breedon, Charlie Hopkinson, Charlotte Allbones, Mya Edwards, Esme Warsop and Anastasia Walker.  Special thanks to Joe Stevenson and Dan Moore who came back from University to swim and our swimmers were treated to special appearance in the 17 and over relays by CDS coach, Kate Vines!  We're also very grateful to Saffron and Hermione Blackwood who stepped in at the last minute to enable our teams to swim.  

Congratulations to the following teams who finished on the podium:

Silver - Boys 11/12 year 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay - Lewis Warner, Will Turnock, Will Parker, James Cox                                                                   Silver - Mens 17 & over - 4 x 100m Medley Relay - George Partridge, Dan Moore, Jack Wilson and Joe Stevenson                                                       Bronze - Mixed 11/12 year 4 x 50m freestyle relay - James Cox, Lilly Cherry, Will Parker and Becky Whittaker.                                                            Bronze - Girls 11/12 year 4 x 50m Medley Relay - Becky Whittaker, Lottie Warsop, Jenna Marriott and Lilly Cherry.

A full round up of the county age groups will be on the website after the competition finishes this weekend.





Sunday, 07 February 2016 22:21

Water Polo team excel

Saturday 31st January 2016 saw our junior water polo team travel to an experience Leander team to partake in their first ever match.

As coaches we knew that we had a talented bunch on our hands, but even in our wildest dreams we couldn't have expected such a great performance from our team of 14 12 and under children.

Bearing in mind that the Leander team we played won their most recent tournament by winning all three games, scoring 25 and conceding just 2 in the process, our CABSC team performed admirably losing by just 2 goals (14-12) over 4 quarters, and indeed leading at half time before tiredness set in.

Our team will now only improve and we should all be very proud of an extremely talented bunch.

Well done CABSC Junior Water Polo team.

Team and goals

Georgia Wilson (3), George Cummings (4), Daisy Marsh (2), Lucy Marsh (1), Lauren Archer (1), Harrison Whitt (1), William Foxwell, Sam Leveridge, Sam Reddington, Hebe Abbey, Heather Ward, Harry Brightman, Jonah and Adi.

Friday, 05 February 2016 14:45

CABSC Parent and Swimmer Guide - UPDATED

The easy-to-understand (written by parents!) CABSC Parent and Swimmers Guide to the mysteries of the competitive swimming world has now been updated to take into account changes to the Counties for 2016. Hopefully the info is now current and correct and I have actually understood it correctly too!

PARENTS If you are new to swimming and it all seems daunting and confusing, please ensure that you take time to read this guide first,  THEN have a chat with parents of older swimmers (and those with swimmers in NOVA) if you need more info, or speak to your swimmers parent Squad Co-ordinator.

This GUIDE can be found under 'Official Documents' under 'About Us' (the 2nd along tab on the home screen!.) Also under 'Official Documents' are the draft 2016 East Midlands meet schedules and qualifying times FOR THOSE LOOKING TOWARDS THIS COMPETITION. These are now on the website version of the 2016 calendar - this is also now complete for the rest of 2016. There is a printable version of this fixtures list under 'Official Documents' as well!

NB. East and West Midlands are each having their own version of the Midands (Regionals) this year.

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